Battle of the local Cincinnati news stations *UPDATED*

Local Cincinnatians can get their news from four local news stations, but which one is the best of the bunch?
Lets find out as I pick the winner based solely on looks.
Fox 19:

Corey McConnell

Katy Morgan

Kimberly Holmes

Sara Celi

Tricia Macke
Tracey Johnson

WCPO Channel 9:
Deb Silerman

Jenell Walton

Julie O'Neill

Kathrine Nero

Shannon Kettler

Tanya O'Rourke

WKRC Local 12
Jen Dalton

Liz Bonis

Michelle Boutillette
WLWT Channel 5:
Alison Montoya

Kristin Cruise

Laura Borchers

Valerie Abati
My MVP award goes to Laura Borchers from WLWT Channel 5.
My runner up is Michelle Boutillette of WKRC
And my pick for the best local news channel goes to, WLWT in a close one over FOX 19.

I was just informed by Mo at that Tracey Johnson is not at channel 9 but 19.
So that means the new winner is FOX 19.