People stealing from blind man again

"A judge sent Dante Williams, who is visually impaired and can only see thanks to nine eye surgeries, to prison Thursday for stealing $38 from a blind man who operates the deli inside the Hamilton County Courthouse. He waited until Parker was alone behind the deli counter and gave him a $1 bill, telling the blind Parker it was a $20. Parker gave him $18.65 in change. Williams returned Jan. 28 of this year and bought an item for 75 cents, again waiting for Parker to be alone before giving him $1 and saying it was a $20. Parker gave him $19.25 in change. news.cincinnati
For the second time in a week, a judge sent to prison someone convicted of stealing from the blind owner of the deli inside the Hamilton County Courthouse. This one was an employee who brought her baby to court Tuesday. Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman sent Sharon Watson, 23, to prison for six months after Watson pleaded guilty last month to theft from a disabled person." news.cincinnati

OK, this sad, first we got a blind guy stealing from another blind guy, then we got an employee stealing from the blind guy.
I'm not trying to be a dick but when you are blind and you are running a business, you know people are gonna steal from you. I mean this ain't the 1900's, it's fucking 2010, people have no values they will take advantage of every situation.
But I honestly think that the blind owner was just fucking with Dante Williams, I mean doesn't every single blind person know the difference between and 20 and a one dollar bill? Lets look at it this way, if Dante gave Parker a one dollar bill then told him it was 20 and then Parker gave Dante $18.65 in change. So how did Parker give him exact change of $18.65, it had to be three $5's and 2 singles or one $10 bill and eight singles or one $10, one $5 and two singles. So Parker had to known the difference between singles and a $20, I believe this shit is called entrapment.