Recap Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals

Browns - 17
Bengals - Who cares

The 75th Battle Of Ohio has come and gone, and no one missed a thing. The Battle of Ohio should be known as "Lets see who sucks more". I mean when was the last time this rivalry was relevant?
Like I stated last week, for the rest of the season I will not be recapping any more Bengals game, rather I will bitch and complaining about anything I can think of.
But let me say this first, Jerome Simpson caught two passes.
So what made the Bengals a good team that won the AFC North last year and what made them into a 3-11 so far this year? Last year the Bengals was a good rushing team, which meant that they controlled the ball and possession with limited turnovers. So in the off-season, the Bengals organization decided that to be an even better football team that they needed to stretch the field, which meant we needed a good WR. So they went and got TO, which is fine, because TO is a great player and a match up problem for any DB's.
But what the Bengals didn't need to do was become a pass happy team rather than a rushing team. There is only a few teams in the NFL that can just rely on the aerial attack to win games. Adding a great WR is a good addition to an already pretty good team, but the philosophy and scheme didn't need to change just because of one single player. Switching from a rushing team to a passing team put Carson Palmer in a position that he might have not been comfortable in.

You can't blame anyone when Carson starts throwing INT's, but you can blame the OC for the play calling which can sometimes lead to the defense recognizing the pattern and jumping it. And I feel like the coaches this season has not put the players in a good position to do their jobs.
So honestly I wouldn't be upset if Carson stuck around for next season, but I would be a little upset if the coaching staff has not been fired and replaced.