Recap Pittsburgh Panthers vs Cincinnati Bearcats

So the 2010 football season has come to an end for the Bearcats. Just like the way the season started is how the season ended, with a lose.

But look on the bright side at least our mascot didn't go down without a fight.

Really there is nothing that needs to be said about this game that has not already been said through out the season.
Just hope Coach Butch Jones fixes the defense, and the offense.
For way too long the excuse for being a bad defense has been "its a young defense", next year that needs to be corrected if the Bearcats have any ambition of being one of the top teams in Big East.
The play of the QB needs to improve, Zach has been too erratic over the season, with too many INT's.

PS. I applaud Connor Barwin for sticking it out for the entire game.

Double PS. Someone get Coach Kerry Coombs a damn sweatshirt or something, that man was going nuts on the sidelines with only a polo shirt. How does he do it? When stuff starts going bad to worse that's when Coach Coombs go from crazy to bat shit crazy.

Triple PS. Here is the video of the Bearcat mascot be hauled away by the police. Hey you, the bitch in the video shut the F up, the shit is funny and it is on the Internet.

Stat: ESPN