Sheman Stabs Husband Over Monday Night Football

Delois Holley
"A St. Petersburg woman flew into a rage because her husband was watching Monday Night Football and stabbed him repeatedly with a knife, police said.Delois Holley, 61, was charged with attempted felony murder and is being held in the Pinellas County Jail. St. Petersburg Police spokesman Mike Puetz says the victim was watching the New England Patriots thrash the New York Jets at the family home in the Arlington Arbor Apartments. "His wife became upset. She obtained a knife and stabbed him multiple times," Puetz said.Holley" abcactionnews

My first though is "that's the face of a lady".  I guess she must have been a Jets fan or something. Or her husband told her to get him a God damn snack. Either way, just count your blessing if you don't die bro, I mean who would want to live with a chick that's half bald and got some sort of goatee thing going on. I mean just look at her, she is a mean looking bitch.