Recap San Diego Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Chargers - 20
Bengals - Who cares

Here is the recap but not really a recap, but more of me whining and complaining.
OK, well that was an interesting ball game, no superstar WR's and the Bengals put up 34 points and Carson goes for 16 of 21 for 269 yards and 4 TD's.
Like I said before, you don't need big time RB's or WR's to win football games, all you need a good coach, good QB, good O and D line.
Anyway thanks to the Bengals, now the the fans will hope for a successful season next year. But failing 18 out of 20 years does not tempt me.
But I will say this, Jerome Simpson just proved me wrong and many other people in and around Cincinnati.
Sometimes people just need a chance to show what they got and sometimes the coach's take out the old and put in something new.
If only this coaching staff could adjust during game time and game plan better, I wonder where this team could of have been.
Even with this win, I'm still disappointed in this team and in this season. Wish they would of figured things around sooner rather than later.