USA vs Mexico 2011 Gold Cup Finals Recap

My thoughts after each goal.

 9' Michael Bradley scores. I'm jumping for joy and thinking this is unreal.

12' Steve Cherundolo is subed out for Jonathan Bornstein. My heart tells me this can't be a good thing.

22' Landon Donovan scores. Oh fuck, even Bornstein can't stop us now. USA USA USA

28' PabloBarrera scores. Oh fuck, Bornstein can stop us from beating Mexico.

35' Andres Guardado scores. I fucking hate Bornstein, can't  Bob Bradley find another left back than his slow droopy ass.
50' Pablo Barrera Scores. What the fuck is Howard doing. Where the fuck is Bornstein? Jesus this fucking blows.

76' Dos Santos scores. I fucking hate Bornstein. Why didn't Eric Lichaj use his hand to stop that goal?

What a magical and fantastic way to start the Gold Cup. As the saying goes 2-0 is the most dangerous lead in soccer. And that seemed to be the case today. 
I really wonder how many people went awaaa fuck when Steve Cherundolo was subbed out for Jonathan Bornstein. I know I did.
But lets get somethings out of the way, we all assumed that USA was going to struggle to score some goals vs Mexico based on how they have played through out the tournament. But jumping out to a 2-0 lead, gave us some hope. Still, we knew Mexico was going to come strong for the rest of the match. And I figured we could probably get another goal on a counter attack and put the game away for good. But that counter attack never happened.
I also want to give credit to Landon, Dempsey, Bedoya, Adu, and the rest of the team for playing a great game and putting on a good show. And it's safe to say Adu has put himself back on the national team for the foreseeing future. No one on this team has his touch and skills on the ball.

Now on to some criticism. After Cherundolo went out with the injury why not try a 3-5-2, go after that Mexican defense. I'm not saying USA would of have won the game. But it would have been better than putting Bornstein in. It's hard for me to imagine that Bob can't find someone else other that Bornstein to fill that backup LB spot. I'm just blown away by that. I'm think it's safe to say Timothy Chandler would have been a better option as a backup than Bornstein. I know, I'm picking on Bornstein and most will put him as a scapegoat but truth be told he is not Nats ready and he will never be Nats ready.
I know this won't be popular but, I have to critique Howard on couple of those goals. If he is one of the best in the world, he has to stop some of those goal. Enough said.
I'm just really sad. I don't think I would have been this devastated if the USA didn't go up 2-0. It just sucks knowing that you have a 2-0 lead and thinking you might just win the game only to get blown out of the water.