Bob Bradley Gets Fired And Juergen Klinsmann Gets Hired

It's a sad day or a great day for USA Soccer depending on your view. It has been no secret, everyone knew Sunil Gulati wanted to hire Klinsmann for a long long time. But it's one of those situations where US Soccer is the ugly kid in high school and Klinsmann is the beautiful foreign exchange student who everyone wants to bang.

In my opinion and in many peoples opinion one manager should not stick around past one World Cup cycle. That should have been the case with Bob Bradley. But Sunil Gulati being the genies he is, he just keep dragging Bradley along. And Bradley being the true patriot he is, he wasn't going to put his head down and walk out and let his boys down.

I have to give credit to Bradley for all the things he has done in the past five year. He guided the team to the  2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup title, 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup final, first place in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying, first place in its World Cup group and a Round of 16 berth, and 2011 CoNCACAF Gold Cup final.
That's a pretty impressive resume. I think every US Soccer fan should thank him for all his services.

But here is the things, no matter who is leading the USMNT if the structure and talent level doesn't change the end result will not change. This would be a good time for the US Soccer to overhaul their system.