Canadian couple win £8k after Air Canada staff speak to them in English

A couple of French language 'extremists' have won an £8,000 payout after airline staff spoke to them in English.Michel and Lynda Thibodeau sued Air Canada for not respecting their right to be served in their mother tongue during a flight from the country's capital Ottawa. Despite speaking fluent English, Mr Thibodeau complained that he was not greeted in French when the pair checked in for their flight or at the airport's boarding gate. He also branded the airline's employees 'malicious, oppressive and reprehensible' for not answering his questions in French. The pair also complained that when they ordered a 7Up drink on the plane, the English-speaking air hostess brought them a Sprite instead. Dailymail

Fucking French. Is there any other group of people that whine and bitch more than these people? I doubt it, unless it's a bunch of Mexicans on a soccer field.
Guess what asshole, I don't see kids in India and China eager to learn French, they all want to learn English. There is a reason to that, French is becoming an irrelevant language. Maybe the American shouldn't of have saved France's ass in WWII when they were occupied by the Germans.