It Looks Like Cedric Benson Did Beat Some Ass

Well damn, it looks like Ced did put a hurting on that dude. Well Clavens Charles you should of left the house when Benson asked you nicely. 

Here is the best explanation on the situation I have found so far.

"Sounds like Clavens “Key West” Charles started extorting Ced earlier with a phoney gay encounter they had and Ced snapped, especially since he asked Clavens “San Francisco” Charles to leave and Ced didn’t cooperate with his advances. I mean look at Clavens “Fire Island” Charles….got fagot all over him …….and the going to TMZ. He’s such a girl. And the holding matching bottles of Chardonnay smiling like some love struck bitch…..makes you want to throw up. Where’s Earl Pitts?
And, whats up with a multi-millionaire living with a male roommate? Wow, get some nice split tails instead Ced."