Cincinnati Reds: A Look Back At The All Star Break

The All Star break is upon us. And it couldn't have come at a better time for the Red.
As of the All Star break the Reds are 4 games out of first place, they are 1 game back of the third place Pirates. The reds are below .500 with a record of 45-47.

Lets go back to the beginning of the season. When on opening day, Ramon Hernandez hits a walk-off, 3-run home run against the Brewers. Then the Reds went on to sweep the Brewers in the opening series. I felt great about this team and this season. I figured the Reds would pick up where they left of last year. But only to be disappointed series after series.

After every lose it was easy to blame a specific player either it was Stubbs or Bruce or Francisco Cordero. I'm sure each player has their fault, but the truth is overall this team is lacking in a lot of areas. From a true leader in the club house to being consistent on the field.

So is there a solution to all the Reds problem? I don't fucking know, I don't get paid to do that.
But the rumors are the Reds and the Rockies are in talk of a trade for Ubaldo Jimenez.
The crazy thing is if the Reds make a bold trade it can easily take them to the top of the standing. Because the NL Central is such a weak division. But, they do need to make that move before it's too late.