Bengals Trade Chad Ochocinco and Let Jonathan Joseph Walk

In the past 24 hours the Bengals traded Chad Ochocinco for some cookies and milk. Then they turn around and let Jonathan Joseph walk. Then they cut Antwan Odom. I'd say things are looking up for the upcoming NFL season.

Since Joseph is gone who will be the starting CB along with Leon Hall? It won't be Morgan Trent, because he also has been cut. The good news there are still some DB's that have not signed a new contract. How about CB Nnamdi Asomugha, Antonio Cromartie, Chris Carr ? I know the Bengals can afford him because Mike Brown has not spend any money this off-season so far.

It looks like Mike Zimmer has the same feeling that many Bengal fans have right now.
"I'm upset, disappointed, frustrated," Zimmer said. "It's disappointing. You get good guys off the field, they work hard in the weight room and on the practice field and you kind of mold them what you want them to look like and they get out of here."

But the good news is the Bengals signed A.J. Green. And the Bengals also signed OLB Thomas Howard who made like 7 tackles last year which is only two less than Domata Peko.

Now the biggest question is, who will the Bengals sign in Free Agency? Mike Brown had a good opportunity to put some money down on Joseph but he refused. Now I get a feeling he will over pay for some average players. Because if I'm not mistaken Mike Brown is forced to spend money just like every other owner in NFL or he ends up violating the new CBA. As I type this he still has to spend about 45 million or he will violate the new CBA.