After Thoughts: Cincinnati Bearcats vs South Florida Bulls 10/22/2011

Image via Bearcats Blog

"I told Zach when there was 1:27 left is great quarterbacks are defined in how they lead their team to victory in the 2 minute drill on the road," Jones said. "He made the plays down the road for us. Our receivers, our line. I can't say enough about our team." 

I had to go out and walk around after that win. I mean my heart couldn't just take it anymore. Second time in two weeks UC rallied from a deficit to win the game.

What's up with UC, USF games, it's always a damn thriller.

I was all ready to rip Collaros a new hole but he redeemed himself in second half with 2 rushing and 2 passing TD's. If Collaros didn't lead UC on that game winning drive with 1:21 left in the game, he was gonna catch some heat for all his stupid shuffle passes. I mean if you can't make a throw, just throw it out.
If I'm not mistaken, Collaros has thrown close to 1000 yards against USF in three game. That's just a ridiculous stat.
I'm not gonna bitch too much because we are 2-0 in Big East play.

This has to an all time top 10 game as far as UC is concerned. I can watch the 4th quarter all over again. It was just that awesome.

So what have we learned from this game? Dominique Battle might be out for a few game, which might be a good things for the Bearcats secondary.
The offense is still the engine that decides if UC wins or not and the defense does just enough not to lose the game.
I am also excited about the receiving corp UC has with McClug, Thompkins and Chisum.

I don't know who to blame for that missed PAT. Fuck it, I'll blame Tony Miliano because he also missed a FG.

I feel UC did more to make this a close game. If Collaros pass wan't  intercepted in the end zone, and Miliano didn't miss the PAT and FG, UC would had a comfortable lead.

Anyway it feels good to be all alone atop in Big East standing and the first team from Big East to be bowl eligible.