After Thoughts: Cincinnati Bengals vs Seattle Seahawks 10/31/2011

Someone pinch me. Seriously wake me the fuck up. Are we really 5-2?

The Seahawks are a weird team. You don't know if they are a decent team or a shitty team. One week they are playing pretty good and the next week they are stinking it up. Add that to the fact that the Bengals are not very good when they are playing in the West coast, kind of like the Cincinnati Reds.

Before I forget let's give a round of applause for Marvin Lewis who has more wins that any other Bengals coach.
The Seahawks out gained the Bengals by 159 yards and still lost the game by 22 points. That's what happens when defense and special teams step ups their game. The defense again bending but not breaking.
In back to back game the defense scored a  touchdown late in the game, and that's how you close out a football game.

Andy Dalton struggled in the second half as he threw for two int's. But that sweet toss to A.J. Green was a thing of beauty just dropping it over the shoulder and right into his hand.

Next game will be a bigger test for Dalton and Offense as they travel down to Nashville to face the Titans.
The Titans are 4-3 and has a pretty good defense.

Adam Pacman Jones came in and had one good play then was out again with a hammy injury. The dude just can't seem to catch a break.

Who else was happy for Nelson? He really wan't having a good game but then he made some outstanding plays, one was the INT for TD and the other was stopping Lynch as time winding down at the end of first half.