All Afro-German US National Team: It Is Possible

Enough US-Service men has impregnated enough German chicks to have a legit starting XI for the US National team. OK we could use a few more mids, but I know they are out there somewhere in Germany just waiting to be found.

Check out the list The Offside Rules have put together. I say it's pretty damn impressive.

  • Royal-Dominique Fennell (defender, Stuttgart Kickers)
  • Jann George (forward, FC Nurnberg)
  • Jerome Kiesewetter (forward, Hertha Berlin)
  • Tim Chandler (defender, FC Nurnberg)
  • Jermaine Jones (midfiedler, Schalke 04)
  • David Yelldell (keeper, Bayer Leverkusen)
  • Fabian Johnson (forward, Hoffenheim)
  • Terrence Boyd (forward, Dortmund)
  • John Anthony Brooks (defender, Hertha Berlin)
  • Danny Williams (defender, Hoffenheim)
  • Andrew Wooten (striker, Kaiserslautern II)
  • Shawn Parker (striker, Mainz II)
  • Tyrone McCargo (striker, FC Nurnberg)