Cincinnati Bengals Trade Carson Palmer To Oakland Raiders

"Raiders gave up their first-round pick in 2012 and a conditional first-rounder in 2013 for Palmer."

I am happy this drama is coming to an end. I have to give credit to Mike Brown for playing a good hand of poker, he pretty much bluffed his way through it. Carson got what he wanted which is a fresh new start with another team. And the Bengals got what they wanted, which is some high draft picks. But I honestly didn't think Carson was worth a first round pick, maybe at best a second round.

Unlike many Bengals fans, I have no beef with Carson. Sure he wanted to leave, but anyone of us who was in his position might do the same. It's kind of same as the Chad situation. My take is that no one certain players should be on a team for more than 5 or 6 years. You always have to bring in fresh new faces and fresh new ideas.

If we look back on it, aren't we glad that Carson said he wants to be traded? Other wise, Carson still be here, Chad still might be here, we wouldn't have Andy Dalton as our QB. So all in all I thank Carson for his trade demands. And I thank him for all he has done for this franchise. He's lead this team to 2 AFC North division titles. He has also made the Cincinnati Bengals relevant again. But I am happy that Dalton is the Bengals QB and not Carson.

So good luck to Carson with his new team.