Cincinnati Bearcats vs Miami (OH) Red Hawks Recap 10/1/2011

Nations oldest nonconference rivalry wasn't up to a pretty start if you are a UC fan. But if you are Miami fan, it felt going good going into the half only trailing 6-0. Unfortunately for Miami they still another entire half to play, as UC won 27-0.

For the first five drives nothing happened on offense. I'll summarize it in less than a sentence. It was punt, INT, punt, fumble, punt, then they finally got a TD. Second half was much better as they got two more TD's and fumble return for a score.

The biggest play of the game might have been the goal line stand to open up the second half.
Here is an interesting fact, this was the first time UC has shut out  Miami in Oxford since 1898. That's was a long time ago.

The first half play calling, was either terrible or Miami's defense was that good. I'm choosing to believe it was the play calling. Zach Collars had unusually bad game, as he threw two red-zone INT's and had a fumble.

While the offense struggled for much of the game with turnovers and penalties, it was the defense that stepped it up. As they held Miami to -3 yards on 38 rushes.

The one big concern that I take away from this game is the pressure that Miami's front four was about to put on Collars. If this continues it's gonna be a long season in the Big East.

Looking forward to the UC, Louisville game in two weeks. An extra week should give UC some time to figure out their problems on offense and defense.