A.J.Green and Andy Dalton Proving Me Wrong

I'll admit I was one of those people that opposed drafting Green as the over all No.4 pick. And I am one of those people that wanted to see Mallett get drafted instead of Dalton.

Through four games, I must say I have been proven wrong.

Both Green and Dalton have been thrown into the fire and they look un-rattled by it.

Through four games Dalton has a 4 TD's and 4 INT's with a passer rating of 76.9. And A.J. Green has 19 reception for 312 yards and 2 TD's.
For being two rookies and having an rookie offensive coordinator and with really no off-season training camp I have to say I am beyond surprised by their play on the field.

The maturity and leadership that Dalton shows is beyond his years. And I for once am glad I was proven wrong.

Who Dey.