Costa Rica vs USA Recap 9/2/2011

That look on Donovan's face says it all. Yea, sure it's a only a friendly but a win is always a win and a lose is always a lose.
The boys started the game like they were shot out of a cannon. USA kept putting wave after wave of pressure on Costa Rica. It was surprising to see USA attacking and Costa Rica counter attacking. Seems like every touch on the ball was crisp and every pass was perfect. I looked like USA could have easily been up two goals before half-time.

The second half was a completely different story. I'm not really sure what happened during half-time. Maybe they forgot to drink their Red Bull or maybe Klinsmann made some "your momma is so fat" jokes. I don't know but the boys where lacking that sizzle. They seem to be left with no energy.

Anyway, I'm loving the flow of the ball. The quick passes and the possession game, I'm loving it all.  Just wish Landon would have finished his easy chance in the sixth minute. 

Hopefully more good things to come from Klinsmann and the boys.