Looking Forward: Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals Preview

Sure there won't be many people at PBS to watch the Bengals play the Bills, but does it really matter? The Bengals are on a 2 game loosing streak getting ready to face the undefeated Buffalo Bills. Before the season started I would of have given the Bengals a 50/50 chance of winning this game. But now after seeing the numbers the  Bills offense is putting up, I have a feeling it's gonna be a long day for the men in stripe.

Sure the Bengals are top 3 in total defense, but so are the Bills in total offense. Bills are lead by former Bengals QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is on an absolute freaking terror right now. Bills have solid passing game and a rushing game. But there defense is a little suspect

The offense, needs to pick it up on third downs and red zone plays. It has been a  real struggle in the past three games. The Bengals are ranked 26th in third down conversations.

There is also a chance of safeties Taylor Mays and Robert Sands seeing some action for the first time, which gives me more reason to worry about the Sundays clash. And seeing how Marvin is 0-5 against Bills is not helping either.

This is NFL, so anything can happen each Sunday. If the Bengals defense can play like a top 3 defense they will have a chance.