Re-Cap Cincinnati Bengals vs Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers 7
Cincinnati Bengals 20

Lets just say, I'm happy the Bengals won, but I am also extremely happy that no one from the offensive side is on my fantasy team otherwise I would of have been doomed.

This Bengals offense played the game like it was a pre-season exhibition game, except the starters played entire game!

I defended Carson the last weeks (Click Here), I said he things will turn around and he will play better an the fans just need to relax. Now I feel like I could not of have been more wrong. Carson had another one of those not so good day, with over thrown and under thrown balls.

It would only seem logic that we should run the ball more against a smaller front 7 of the Panthers, maybe that's why the Bengals are calling way too many passing calls especially in the first half. Honestly thank God Carolina DB's suck at catching other wise Carson would of at-least had 4 interceptions.

As a team we still cannot get away from all these the false start penalties. And a perfect example, 1st and goal  in the 2nd quarter 25 seconds before half time, that is not acceptable. that is just no concentration and no focus. So after the false start, its 1st and 10 at the Panthers 10 with no time outs left, so what does Carson do? He comes back and throws a short pass 5 yard pass to J.Gresham and  the right tackle can't line up on time and the clock runs out. So who's fault is that we ended the half with no points? Is it the right tackles for having a false start then not lining up before they ran out of time or is it Carson's fault for throwing a short pass to Gresham knowing he does not have time out to burn? I think all of Bengals nation expected more out of Carson what he has shown it the first three games.

I don't fault Jimmy Clausen for playing like a rookie, but I can't handle Carson playing like a rookie with a QB rating of 53.3 against a shitty defense.

OK, enough bitching about Carson and the O-line, lets talk about some positives about this game.

After getting smoke in the first week by the Patriots, it sure seems like the defense has turned things around. What ever tweaks Zimmer did after the fist week has worked foe this defense.Nothing excites more than seeing the defense flying around and smacking people. I know for a fact the Jimmy is going to be feeling a little bit of pain tomorrow.

I'll tell you what I think Benson ran over everyone single one of the Panthers DB's today. If he was not so good today, I don't know where this offense would of have been. And I'm not so sure the Bengals would of won this game.

Both our rookies on offense played very well today.
And finally we a TE that can do something with a ball in his had. Amen.
All in all it was a frustrating game for the fans but at the end of the day an ugly win is better than a good loss.

PS. Things I ponder about.
Would you have Quan Cosby returning punts or have either Benard Scott or Jordan Shipley? If I'm not mistaken, the Bengals are dead last at return punt average. And after seeing today's game I don't think we have escaped the basement seller.
Image via: (AP Photo/Chuck Burton), (AP Photo/Rick Havner)
Stat: ESPN