Five Indian policemen die during fitness test

Five Indian police constables died of heart attacks during a ten kilometre run as part of a selection test for promotion. A further 100 officers fainted during the trial in which they had to run 10 kilometres in less than ninety minutes in high monsoon temperatures. Some of those who collapsed said senior officers had shown no sympathy and had shouted abuse at them as they laid on the ground. Police recruitment managers said the deaths and the high number of men who collapsed highlighted poor fitness levels in the force. Telegraph

I'm not a least bit surprised. I mean no one fears Indian Police. The only time you see anyone afraid on Indian police is in the movies when Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan or Akshay Kumar beef up to beat up the bad rowdy's. 
Shouldn't it be mandatory for all officers to be in-shape?
I'm just glad this was not mandatory for the entire Indian Police force, I'm afraid 99%of them might not have made it.