Bengals fire Bob Bratkowski as offensive coordinator

They finally fire someone after going 4-12. And its the fan favorite offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski (not).  I just don't understand what the thought process is with Mike Brown, why wait so long to make a change.
Why in the world did Mike Brown not fire Brat after this shit of a season was over, or even before Brat took the trip down to Mobile for the Senior Bowl?
Mike Brown decides to waits until all the good or decent OC on the market is gone to make a change.
I am certain that Mike Brown did not want to fire Brat, but he finally realized that Carson Palmer wasn't joking around when he demanded a trade or he will retire. He also saw the season ticket renewal drop like the Tunisian government.
Like everything the Bengals do, they are always a day late and a dollar short.
I'm just sad that they also didn't fire Paul Alexander the O line coach and Ken Zampese the QB's coach, there is enough dead woods in this coaching staff to keep me warm in this winter.
I enjoy my team continuing to be the bottom feeders and the laughing stock of the NFL. Who Dey.