Will the Cincinnati Bengals trade Carson Palmer?

I'm sure most of Bengals nation is calling for a Carson Palmer trade. While this seems like a easy choice, I would not advise on it, at least not yet.
Sure there are teams out there can use his service. For example, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans all can use a veteran QB.
But knowing the Bengals organization, we can safely assume they will not trade Carson Palmer. And in this circumstance I have to agree with the Bengals. Even if they end up trading Carson, who does the Bengals have on the on-deck circle? Jordan Palmer? Dan LeFevour? That means either they have to draft another QB or go get a veteran QB. Both of those scenarios will not make the Bengals a competitive team in 2011. So I say the best chance the Bengals have for 2011 is to keep Carson Palmer around. Also, for the Bengals to be competitive in 2011, Palmer needs to throw less. Comparing the 2010 stats to the 2011 stats we can see Palmer threw the ball 120 times more, which lead to more yards, but also more INT's. So the Bengals needs to get back to rushing the ball more and not rely on Carson throwing the ball so much.
Also, the Bengals need to protect Palmer with a better O-line unit. He has been sacked 26 times the last two season. If he is under heavy pressure, there is no way the Bengals will win any games.
So all the Carson Palmer hater out there, I say hold for a bit longer, because trading Carson Palmer might not be the best option for the Bengals. I'd rather have a new offensive coordinator than a new QB, I think Bob Bratkowski system has become stale and it's time to hit the refresh button.

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