TLC's Police Women of Cincinnati

Cincinnati is back in media again, no, no not because someone from the Bengals got arrested or the fact that Marvin Lewis got a new contract for going 4-12. This time the folks from TLC decided to do a show about the women of Cincinnati Police Department.
I'm glad they didn't do a show about the Men of Cincinnati Police Department, cause we all know they are lazy and shoot people for no reason.

Honestly the only thing I cared about was if they were hot or not. Typically police chick tend not to do so well in the hot or not department.
But to my surprise 3 out of 4 were not so bad looking, we definitely have a better looking squad than the Police Women of Broward County, Police Women of Dallas, Police Women of Maricopa County, and Police Women of Memphis (really ugly).
So lets meet the squad:

Sgt. Tia Pearson

Officer Mandy Curfiss
Officer Colleen Deegan

Officer Rose Valentino

To all the horny guys out there, watch out for Officer Colleen Deegan, sometimes she is an undercover prostitute.