Rumor: Carson Palmer wants to be traded or he will retire.

WTF is all this shit Carson? I just wrote about how you won't be traded last week, and now the internet is running wild with the rumor that you are demanding a trade? Way to stick it to me Carson.
Yea Carson might be an average QB in the NFL, and even according to some a bust, but inside the Bengals organization he is cherished and worshiped. And if he is demanding a trade, I swear Mike Brown just shitted in his pants so did Marvin Lewis. This news is like hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake just hitting the Bengals all at once.
If the rumors are to be true, I cannot blame Carson one bit. This franchise is a mess, the Bengals are the laughing stock of the NFL. For eight years Carson has been a good soldier, he has always taken the blame for a lose, never pointed fingers at coaches or his teammates even when it was obvious who should get the blame. So for Carson to come out and demand a trade is a total shocker. This is the kind of fire I always wanted to see from Carson on the field and in the press conference, instead of his California laid back attitude.
For all the yapping Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis has done so far about how there will be a new system, an overhaul of this team is useless babble; because they haven't done shit so far and Carson can see that. He can see nothing will change, and he realize if he stays with this franchise he has not shot of ever winning a play-off game. And I wish him nothing but the best, I really hope he gets traded and I hope he does well. If I ever decide to buy a Bengals jersey it will be of Carson Palmer.
There are a hand full of teams in the NFL that can use a QB like Carson, so for the Bengals to find someone to trade with should not be a problem. But will they succumb to the pressure and trade or do they stick to their guns?
Everyone knows, even the homeless guy that won the ESPN fantasy challenge, that Mike Brown should of have  fired Marvin, but that didn't happen. And it should be an easy decision for Marvin to fire Bob Bratkowski and  find a new offensive coordinator and that looks like its not happening anytime soon. So again, I can't in any way blame Carson Palmer for wanting to get the fuck out of Cincinnati.
Time for the Jordan Palmer or Dan LeFevour era of dominance to begin.