Marvin Lewis Is Back To Coach The Cincinnati Bengals

Things Done Changed
Since Marvin just singed a new contract, will this be a good thing or bad thing? It will all depends on how you look at it. If Marvin didn't sign this contract, no one decent will take this job because Mike Brown has his hand in too many important decisions.
And since Marvin is coming back we can still expect the same kind of results we have been seeing for the past couple of year. An undisciplined, mismanaged team that falls short of expectations.

Supposedly, Marvin would only sign the contract if things changed, and by him signing the contract it shows that Marvin is getting his changes, what ever that maybe. Either way I don't think it will be a substantial change from previous years.
I really would like to know what kind of changed Marvin wanted. Is it control over personnel issues, changes in the practice facility, or scouting and personnel departments?
What I don't understand is that, Marvin was offered a contract before the season started  but he would not sign it. So then he goes 4-12 and he is still offered a contract. I mean if this was any other franchise, Marvin would have been canned half way through the season. Like Mike Brown said in the press conference, he like continuity, that can only mean we will see most of the same coaching staff and players next season too. But I think continuity for long of a period is not always a good thing, because it can lead to compliance.

I'm sure the only change the Bengals fans want is a new ownership, and if they can't have that they want a new offensive coordinator.
Anyway in the end, I don't think anything positive or any kind of substantial change will come out of this announcement. Honestly I was not impressed with the press conference and I don't think many fans of this football team was impressed either. More of the same fuckery straight ahead.

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