Bengals draft need for 2011

How about a new fucking owner?
How about a new coach?

I wish this team would just pack up and leave, sometimes not having a team is better than having a team that just continues to suck. Then again Mike Brown knows he's got some idiots in Cincinnati that will bend over backwards for him, just to keep him here.

So lets look forward to the next season and address what this team needs.

Number 1 on my list is a pair of new starting safeties. Chinedum Ndukwe, Roy Williams and Chris Crocker are just not cutting it. And the backups, play like the backups.
Number 2 on my list is the Defensive line. It time to part ways with Peko, Fanene, Odom and Tank. All year long the Bengals only managed to get 27 sack (4th worst in NFL). Towards the end of the season when the youngsters were given a chance they showed they can out play the veterans on this team. And the Bengals need to inject some more youth into the defensive line.
Number 3 on my list is the Offensive line. The O line was not consistent through out the season. Had way too many stupid penalties. Also, the offensive unit gave up 28 sacks and let Carson get hit 73 times.
Number 4 on my list is a RB. If Benson is not resigned, Bengals need to go out and find another RB that can fill this hole. I love Bernard Scott and I like what he brings but the Bengals need someone that can run between the tackles.
Number 5 on my list is WR's. Sure, the Bengals have some young WR's in Shipley, Caldwell and Simpson but they still need a true #1. I know Chad will be here for another season, so they can use 2011 to coach up a #1 for the 2012 season.
Number 6 on my list is LB's. Its pretty safe to say this unit underachieved like the rest of the team. Need a LB or two that is fast and can make some plays.