Face of the man guilty of getting a toddler drunk

Raymond Jackson
"A Kenton County man accused of getting a 2-year-old child drunk will pleaded guilty to first degree criminal abuse Tuesday and a sentence of 90 months was recommended. Raymond Jackson, 23, is accused of encouraging his own stepdaughter in May of 2010 to drink a combination of Gin and iced tea, which caused her to pass out. Police say the child's blood alcohol level was measured at 0.25." fox19 

Whats going on with kids these days? Can't handle some Gin and iced tea? The Pussification of America continues. When I was growing up, we use to drink whiskey like it was similac.
We got foreign babies smoking a pack a day before they can talk, its time we stepped it up America.

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At least in Cincinnati we are trying to defeat those foreign babies.