Joey Votto and Cincinnati Reds agree on 3 year $38 million contract

Reds and Votto agrees to three year, $38 million contract. It's pretty straight forward, Votto gets his money and the Reds avoid arbitration. Can't really fault either sides for this deal, both sides did what was best for them. Plus I'm not a big fan of signing someone to a long term deal anyway. You just never know whats going to happen from season to season.
If he can keep up his MVP type performance for another three season, then sign him again and if he is asking too much then let him go. But I will say this, he would have been a Red for another three years regardless unless traded. If Joey starts sucking, now he won't even be a trade bait given his salary.
Votto also said, “But I can’t imagine playing anywhere else,” he said. “I enjoy myself. I can’t imagine being with a better team. The Yankees or Red Sox — that’s a lot to deal with. I don’t want to go anywhere else.” I don't buy all that BS from Votto, after his three years is up, he will go where the money is. That's what everyone does and that's what he will do too. But lets hope in the next three year, he's will take the Reds to the promise land.