Cleveland radio guy goes on a rant about the Browns but it might as well be about the Bengals

This is a rant by Greg Kozarik of Digital Sports Network. I swear if you take out the Cleveland Browns and replace it with Cincinnati Bengals it will be the same damn thing.
And if you replace Randy Lerner with Mike Brown as the devil you won't miss a beat. Every single damn thing he said about the Browns are true with the Bengals. No matter what, we follow the Bengals like a pack of sheep hoping for something better.
If you look at both of these franchises you can clearly see the decline as soon as the new owners took charge. Another reason I'm pondering I should never have kids, cause if I pass something down to my son, it's guaranteed he'll fuck it up.
The Cleveland Browns are just as sad and pathetic as the Bengals, win or lose I don't even hate the Browns anymore, I just feel sorry for them.