Brandon Phillips Gets Picked Off and Reds Lose In The 19th Inning

I like Brand Phillips as a player and as a person. So appreciate him coming out and apologizing for last nights blunder. If he didn't get picked off, the Reds might of have won the game but at the same time if the Reds scored with runners on first and third with one out in the second, and again in the fourth they might not had to go into extra innings and not lose the ball game.
But I can't figure out where the Reds offense has gone. Seems like the only person that's making any kind of contact is Jay Bruce.
But what it all comes down to is the Reds lost the game to a position player in Wilson Valdez. That was just pathetic. I'm not sure what our batters where thinking. I mean if we can't score a run off the second baseman we don't deserve to win the ball game.
As I'm typing this the Reds just lost another game to the Phillies. So the Reds has lost  8 out of the past 9 games.
That's just fantastic.