Dumbest Couple Ever

A couple who flagged down police to report that they were robbed at gunpoint early Saturday evening got more than a sympathetic ear of a Cincinnati police officer.Amy and Steven Springer, both 26 and from Cleves, spent the next two nights in jail after police say the robbery occurred when the couple drove from Cleves to purchase drugs on McKeone Avenue with their three children in tow. Police say they found 4 Percocet pills in a plastic bag and that Amy Springer admitted the pills were hers. She was arrested on possession of drugs and three counts of child endangering. Springers’s husband was arrested on three counts of child endangering.Cincinnati

We all know people from Cleves are not the brightest. Unless you want some meth, then all of a sudden they become geniuses.
The same shit has happened before, where dump people from Cleves take their kids on drug deals.
I guess I can't blame them for taking the kids along for the buy, it's probably hard to find good baby sitters these days especially in Cleves.
But why wouldn't they throw away the drugs before hailing a cop? Now that was just really dumb. Oh wait, that's right your probably high on drugs.