Chad Ochocinco to ride a bull at a Professional Bull Riders event

I'm reading Joe Reedy's article Less bull, more reality and thinking why does Joe or any of the people leaving comments care about what Chad is doing in the off season?
Weather  it's a stunt or not, why are people getting all upset about it?
Just like when Chad tried out for Sporting Kansas City, they thought that was a stunt and said he was just being an attention whore.
Well I got news for you, how many of you people out there thought it would be cool to tryout for the Bengals or the Reds? I know I did, there have been maytimes after watching bull riding on TV, that I thought it would be pretty cool to do that. The only difference between me and chad is that I'm a pussy and is scared to jump on top of a raging bull.
So I'm thinking most of you guys out there criticizing Chad are just plain jealous.
Let the man do whatever the hell he wants to do.

The Professional Bull Riders is challenging Chad, because they know they can generate some hype for the event and get some media attention.
So stop trying to beat up on Chad. Because I honestly don't think he gives a shit about what you all think anyway.