Bengals 2001 NFL Draft Review

Well I'm back after a week off.
The NFL draft is over, and Osama Bin Laden is dead. I'm happy about one of those two.
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So the big question is should the Bengals have traded down with Atlanta? And my answer is, YES.
Sure the value might not have been equal, but this team needs as many draft picks as it can get.
And A.J. Green might have been a great pick at #4, but WR's chosen in the 1st round are nothing more than a glamor picks.
But my biggest piss-me-off pick came in the 6th round when the Bengals chose Ryan Whalen (WR), sure it's a 6th round pick, and it won't be a big deal. But why waste a pick on a WR? Why not try for a DT? The Bengals need another body at the DT position. Tank Johnson and Domata Peko are not gonna win you many games.

Here is what's Kerry J. Byrne had to say about the Bengals pick.
"Drafting A.J. Green fourth overall. As noted with Atlanta's aggressive move to grab Julio Jones, wide receivers are high-risk picks high in the draft; and they generally have a minimal impact on team's ability to win and even the best WRs typically take a few years to develop.The Bengals had MUCH bigger needs on the defensive line (No. 23 on our Defensive Hog Index, No. 24 rushing the passer) and the 2011 draft was filled with potential game-changers at the position. Yet Cincy devoted just one of its eight picks to DL, and waited until the third round to grab pint-sized Dontay Moch (6-1, 248) of Nevada. He's at best a situational pass rusher who projects to play OLB in the NFL."

Since the Bengals did draft their future #1 QB and WR,  does that mean the end of Carson and Chad? Probably.
Now they need to address the OL and Safety issues. I sure hope drafting Robert Sands and Clint Bowling was a solution to those problems. Mark Sands down as a day 1 starter, because everyone else on the roster sucks.
I'm not not saying the Bengals should of have drafted Patrick Peterson, I'm sayin they SHOULD of have Drafted Patrick Peterson. Just Saying.