Indian brides told to stop talking on cell phone after marriage

An Indian state has told newly-wedded women to avoid talking too much on their mobile phones for the first two years of marriage in case it provokes jealousy from their husbands.
The Punjab State Commission for Women (PSCW) issued an official advisory last week urging brides "to focus on their domestic life instead of having long conversations on mobile phones".
Commission head Gurdev Kaur Sangha told AFP on Monday that the advice was designed to avoid suspicion between new couples as they adjust to their new life together.
"I found that almost 40 per cent of women consider seeking a divorce on the grounds that her husband and in-laws do not like her talking on mobile phones," said Sangha, 70, from Chandigarh, the state capital of Punjab. Sangha said she had seen a rise in complaints from women about domestic violence, sexual harassment and family discord due to arguments over brides being constantly on the phone.
"Most husbands said their wives are always on the phone and they doubted their character as they suspected them of talking to ex-boyfriends." NEW DELHI (AFP)

Well ain't that some shit. I'm happy the idiots in Punjab came up with this idea. Yea, I'm sure all the men in Punjab want their wives to talk to them instead of yapping to someone else. Because you know, they don't need to watch their Cricket games.
Miss Gurdev thinks domestic violence is on the rise because of brides talking on the phone. Well, just wait until she starts yapping away at her husband for two straight years that shit will get really annoying really fast.
What they should do is, they should of just came up with a no weight gain law. Now that would do more good than this piece of shit rule.
But on a serious note, they should get the grooms to undergo two years of anger management therapy and teach them to act to human beings instead jealous, abusive monsters.