Priest Arrested

A Catholic priest from Christopher was arrested at 4:49 p.m. on Jan. 21 on alleged shoplifting charges at the Wal-Mart SuperCenter, according to West City Police. The Rev. Steven F. Poole, 41, faces two counts of felony theft over $150. Poole, who has a previous arrest for stealing in Missouri, was arrested after Wal-Mart store surveillance video caught him on camera failing to scan a $3.22 container of butter and a $60 sofa cover. Police said Poole then allegedly headed to the store’s bedding department and picked up a memory foam mattress. He returned to the self-checkout lane where he was allegedly observed on tape switching the pricing bar code, causing the $144.88 item to be scanned for $30.88. bentoneveningnews

What a sad story, I know the economy is a down and I'm sure the priesthood doesn't pay like it used to but damn son you are not setting a good example. I guess he just really needed some butter and a sofa cover and couldn't till the pay check got there. But if you look a little closer you start to see a small pattern, a priest buying a memory foam mattress, a new sofa cover and butter??? The only thing that would have made it worse was if he had shoplifted some lollipops, too.