Just A Hater

"A COLLEGE student in China who said his studies suffered after he discovered Internet porn has been awarded 10,000 yuan (S$2,050) for helping the government crack down on sexual content online. 'In the past, when I was in middle school, I used to get grades that were good enough to enter a really good university,' 'It is because of the influence of pornography on the Internet that I was only able to go to junior college,' said the student." straitstimes

This asshole has to be the most hated man in China right about now. Why worry about communism when you have something tragic like this happen, this has to be devastating to half a billion Chinese men.
I mean what a bitch for blaming porn for being a dumb ass and not getting into a proper college, look at the rest of us, we got into junior colleges not because we were surfing for porn all day its because we were too stupid to get into regular colleges. I hope this little retard bastard gets jumped sometime soon.