Same Bengals Offseason

I just got done reading the article by Joe Reddy called "Bengals offseason aimed at Offense", and I'm thinking what bunch of shit. I'm sure I can bitch and bitch about why the Bengals sucks but let me make one important point. I just watched the Jets beat the Chargers.  A Jets team with new coaching staff, a team with a rookie QB, the Bengals on the other hand have a seasoned team, with veterans in almost every single position. So what is the difference between the two team, the Jets have coaching staff with some balls. They are a team willing to take the risk, they are the team willing to do what ever it is to win a game, they are a team that does not follow a particular book on how to play football. With our seasoned coaching staff and our veteran QB we still have not won a playoff game, but the Jets on the other hand is running through the AFC with no care. So lets call it like it is, the coaching staff sucks on this team and thats starting with Marvin. But I guess I really shouldn't blame Marvin, if the head of the organization can't think out side of the box, what should I expect from every one else.