Man arrested for having sex with a pink blow up pool raft

Edwin Charles Tobergta, 32, has been repeatedly arrested for public indecency. Hamilton man was arrested after being accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a pink blow up swimming pool raft. Tobergta was arrested at his home early Sunday morning. Witnesses tell police the incident happened in an alley behind his home. The owner of the raft reported to police that the suspect took the raft with him after being shouted at to stop.The suspect told police that he did commit the act and that he has a problem and needs help. Fox 19

No shit you need help. But I tell you what, this guys won't be the last and he'd definitely not the first to bang a pool raft. Basically it's a blow up doll without the face, arms, legs and the fake hole.
I mean what else is a lonely guy to do? Jerking off has to get boring after a while. At least he wasn't out there trying to bang the neighbors goat or dog.