Bengals - Jets Wildcard

I'm finally back from vacation, and now I can finally vent about the season and the playoff loss to the Jets.
First of all congratulations to the Bengals for making the play while I'm still alive. This was a great season for many reason, from Zimmers defense to the running of Benson. It also showed this team can compete in the AFC North. This was also a tragic year, from Zimmers wife to Slim's death.
Now to the playoffs, I'm not sure there are enough words to summon up my feelings to describe the playoffs, the word chock artist comes to mind, and the phrase "bunch of fucking losers" come to mind. Oh well I guess I should be happy just like Mike Brown, because the Bengals made the playoffs.

 = A big fucking failure, I use to stand-up to people when they said you were overrated, now I'm not so sure.

 = There was nothing you could of have done, you were just out manned.

= I love you as a person, but you are the Bengals' franchise-tagged player; you are a fucking kicker, make a fucking field goal when it matters.

= Wipe that stupid fucking grin off your face.

 = Get the fuck out of town.