Mick Cronin Laying The Smacketh Down On Jim Calhoun

Basically the old, cheating turd bag Jim Calhoun accusing Mick Cronin of not voting for  Kemba Walker for first-team all-conference because he was upset that Walker picked UConn over UC. All this based on an article the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote about Kemba Walker.
This must be a joke right. Just because one person didn't vote for your player, you are going to start calling people out? That seems very logical and professional.
Oh by the way, Mick has come out and said he did vote for Kemba Walker. So suck on that Calhoun.

But let me say this, I like the way Mick has been acting lately. He's like a little walking dynamite, just going off on people. I remember, back in the day when the Bearcats were kind of the bad boys on the block in every conference they've been in. And I think Cronin is trying to bring that back, by playing tough defense and talking shit. I love it.
But seriously, Jim Calhoun just needs to shut the fuck up.