Man Running Illegal Bar or Just Socializing?

A 37-year-old convicted felon was arrested again over the weekend on allegations that he was using his mother's home as an illegal after-hours bar. Police say Jerome Napier was using the 1605 Wyoming Ave. home to sell and serve beer and other intoxicants. He was arrested on charges of bootlegging and operating an after hours establishment. He was arrested at 2:35 a.m. Saturday after members of the SWAT Team moved in on the house. Napier posted the $1,000 bond over the weekend.

What the big deal here? He's just selling some beer and some weed after hours. It's not like things like this ain't going on all over the Cincinnati.
Also was the SWAT needed? I'm sure the Cincinnati SWAT team probably didn't have anything better to do. It was either bust this dude up or sit around and watch TLC's Police Woman Of Cincinnati.
The only thing this guy do was, help people out. Instead of people wandering around Price Hill and stealing shit and robbing people, he helped them stay inside and get a little high.