Tom Zbikowski Wants To Box Chad Ochocinco

When I first heard that Tom Z wanted to box Chad, I thought this would be a run away win for Chad. I mainly thought this because as everyone knows Chads got pretty good hands, fast feet, and he uses boxing as workout routine. Secondly Chad is Black and Tom Z is White. I'm not trying to be racist, its just that brothers are born with something extra that makes them better at sports than every other race on the planet. But all my premature thoughts of Chad running away with this was put to death after I saw this picture of Tom Zbikowski.

Holy shit, the dude looks like a beast, I'm sorry Chad you might have fast feet but Tom Z got at least 30 pounds on you. Then I read that he is fighting on March 12 with a 1-0 professional record, as he is taking on Richard Bryant in one of the under card fight during Miguel Cotto vs. Ricardo Mayorga fight. That's some impressive shit.
Fuck it Who Dey.