Bengals President Mike Brown Will Not Trade Carson Palmer

“I’ve seen any number of players who at one point did not want to reenlist come back and come back and be quite happy about it,” Brown said. “It depends how it goes. As far as getting value, I don’t see any opportunity to get what I consider to be value. Having said that it doesn’t make sense to look to trade. It only makes sense to wait and hope Carson comes around.”
Those words just proved how much the Bengals nation hates Mike Brown. This is exactly why he needs to hire a GM.
There is really no way to rationalize what Mike Brown is thinking.
Or on  the other hand he might be a pure genius. I mean he continues to suck on Carson's dick every chance he gets, like saying Carson is a top QB in this league and he wants him back. So there is a chance that Palmer could fall for Mike Browns sweet talk. Or Mike Brown could be calling Carson Palmer's trade me or I'm retiring card a pure bluff. But even if Carson comes back, what are the chances of him giving a shit about Mike Brown and the Bengals?
Fuck it, we got Jordan Palmer or Dan Lefevour, we going to the playoff bitches.