What To Do With Bob Bradley?

So here we are, four days after Mexico took everything from us even the family pet. Where does the United States Mens National team go? Where does the USMNT fans go? Will Sunil Gulati make a change later on in the week?

It's not a question of if Bradley has a good job or not. I think for the level of where the USA domestic league is and where some of our best players play at, I think he has done a great job so far.

But sometimes, there has to be a change. I think no national team manger should stay on board after one world cup cycle. I think after five years as the man in charge, Bradley has lost the attention of his players. But what I am most ticked about is his pre game tactics and his roster moves.
Here is an example, why did Benny Feilhaber make it over Bedoya? Why did Bedoya have to start on the bench so we could confirm how bad Rogers is? Why did we sit Agudelo so we could confirm how bad Wondolowski is? Who thought Kljestan over Donovan was a good idea? Why did Gooch come in as a starter despite not being close to international form? All these things, Bob has to answer. And if he can't answer, maybe it's time for another national team manager.

But in the upcoming week, I will discuss about some players on the USMNT roster that gets picked regularly.