Domata Peko And Robert Geather Are Not Productive

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The guys over at Cincy Jungle did some calculations and came up with some stats to back up what I have been saying for couple of years.
I have said for some time that Domata Peko is the worst player on the defensive line. I have been saying that he does nothing but get pushed around. The only thing I ever see Peko do is jump on top of a pile after someone else has made a play.
I know someone of  you think it's not Peko's job to put pressure on the QB, he should only worried about stopping the run. To an extent I can agree to that, but ultimately his job is to disrupt the QB and to stop the run. And if he's not doing those two things then, the Bengals need to replace him on the roster because doing only 50% of what you are required to do is not good enough.
We don't need stats to tell us who sucks and who doesn't, all you have to do is watch the game. The only time Peko and Geathers should ever see playing time is when the starters and the backups are out injured.