USA vs. Panama Gold Cup Semifinals

"He's Freddy Adu, he plays in Turkish Division 2, he makes Panama look like poo. He's Freddy Adu."

In all seriousness, I wanted this game to be a blow out. But it was another 90 minutes of struggle for the offense. But riding a strong defensive performance the USA has reached their 4th straight Gold Cup final.
I was scratching my head when I saw the starting line up. Sasha over Donovan? That didn't make make much sense to me. But it only took Bob Bradley 45 minutes to figure out that wasn't a good move. Is it me does Bob always has to go to plan B to get a result?
But who would of have figured that in the biggest game so far in the tournament that Bob Bradley would throw another curve ball by bringing in Adu for Juan Agudelo. After all, he is playing in the Turkish 2nd division. But truth be told, no one on this team has his ball skills.
USA couldn't create enough chances in the first half. But that did not deteriorate them from winning this game. They had to have redemption on their mind, because that what I had on my mind. There is was no way this team was going to lose to Panama for the second time in the last four games.
Freddy Adu was the spark the USA attack needed on a night when the offense once again struggled against Panama. But the defense has played very well through out the tournament even if it's against CONCACAF opponents. But I have to give credit to Boca, Bedoya, Jones, Dempse, Cherundolo and Lichaj because they all played a pretty good game.

Now the USA must wait for the winner of Mexico vs Honduras. Who's hoping for a Honduras win? I know I am.