Assessment Of The Reds Season So Far In 2011

The Reds have played 57 games, so basically one third of the season and they are sitting in third place with 3.5 games out of first place. So should the Reds nation be satisfied? No.
Even though the Reds are only 3.5 games out of first place, they could have played better.
Am I worried that the Reds won't make the playoffs? Yes, I am a little worried. Because the pitching is not where it needs to be and Edinson Volquez has been a disappointment. Also, the bats are not making contact consistently. Sure Jay Bruce is first in the NL in HR's and Joey Votto is in the top 15 in hitting. But overall the team is under performing.
The good thing is, in the NL Central there is no one club that is dominant.
The Reds need to win the next six game, three against the Dodgers and three against the Cubs. Both of those teams and struggling and if the Reds want to get back in to contention for NL Central this is a good place to start.