Bengals Response To The ESPN The Magazine Ranking

Earlier this week, our Bengals were rated (by ESPN) as the worst franchise, from top to bottom, in all of pro sports (#122 out of 122). And of course the mad scientist at the Who Dey perspective had to put their own twist on the story.
The thing that stood out to me the most was the response given by the Bengals, when dealing with the low score.  “We are among 14 of the 32 NFL teams to have won twodivision titles in the last six seasons.” Yes, you read that correctly. Is that really an accomplishment? This is what the Bengals are proud of! Just think about it for a moment…. Can you imagine the Patriots saying something like this? What about the Steelers? Hell, name me one team in all of pro sports that can say something like that with a straight face? (The Bengals were 44-51-1 over that 6 year span, 0-2 in the playoffs.)
If you thought that was bad, check out this next line. “Still, we know we have work to do to get back to thatlevel of success.” That level of success?! Seriously? The last time I checked, you don’t get any trophy for winning your division 2 out of 6 years! Accepting mediocrity is the ultimate defeat. These two sentences written by the Bengals, alone, is every reason why they belong at #122
The Bengals made $49.4 million last year while going 4-12. The Packers who were rated the #1 franchise in all of pro sports, made $9.8 million while winning the Super Bowl. Mike Brown is clearly a superb businessman. There is no question about that. However, as long as making money is his ultimate goal, the Bengals will find themselves holding down that #122 spot for years to come. 
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